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making jan 19 023I took part in the RSPB bird watch weekend last weekend.  Because we are rural and maybe because I put out loads of feeders, which I keep topped up, we have a large number of woodland birds visiting on a regular basis.

I have long been an admirer of Matt Sewell’s bird illustrations.  In one of those moments where you just want to change rooms and do something a little bit more interesting than your average painted wall etc, I decided to paint tiles and the walls with fun stuff.

So I just launched into sketchy cameos of some clunky fun regulars who visit our garden.  I did check out if Matt Sewell did tiles, but I could not find any, so I did some based on his work for the kitchen and to surround our fireplace.

Never having attempted anything like this before I started with acrylics.  These just rub away from a glossy tile.  So I played with other ideas but did not want to spend money really as these are just for fun.  So as I had loads of plain white tiles, I decided to experiment!  I have discovered that acrylics work reasonably well if you paint and then cook them!  About 30mins on a low heat and the paint stays put much better.  I am not sure if they would stand up to washing, but a gentle wipe should be ok.  I will let you know ……………………

So the fun freeze is on its way to being completed.

The fireplacce needs a border of one tile depth around 3 sides.  The grren we chose is a little trickier to paint so I am still playing with ideas.  But hey – a fun Saturday!

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