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Monthly Archives: June 2014

On the subject of WORTHY

DSCN2374When I completed my first degree in Fine Art as a mature student (BAHons 2:1) I felt so blown away with the intensity of the experience, especially after a 2 year foundation course, that I needed grounding.  The whole thinking of ‘worthy’ thoughts and deep concepts somehow did not fit into my extremely practical and physically demanding life.  So I got a dog and went back to working full time with horses again.  Up to my knees in you know what and performing menial tasks with regular repetition.  I was trying to make sense of everything and fit it all together somehow.

I exhibited regularly and did quite well but was still uncomfortable with the ‘worthiness’ of ‘true’ art.  I mean basically we are all up to our necks with problems and tough lives.  We all have to get down to very unglamorous tasks and chaotic rushing to achieve even half of our daily lists.  Don’t we?

Once I had leveled the ground a little, I did my MA (also art).  I could not afford to do an MA but wanted to continue my explorations so I won a scholarship to do this (QUEST).  The experience was amazing.  I LOVED the whole thing from start to finish in all the degrees and I learned so much.  My way of thinking expanded right outside the proverbial box, and still continues in this querky vein!

However I also love the simple things in life and the simple ways of seeing and understanding.  Not everything has to be ‘worthy’ to maintain its worth.  After all we all live in everyday life where things just have to be done, and frankly I can not relate to glamorous these days in any way shape or form.  That is not to say that glamorous relates to worthiness at all! I still muck out horses and sweep yards and walk dogs in mud mud mud.  I scour fleece and handle all manner of undesirable things and get filthy and exhausted.  I have my highs and lows the same as everyone else and am often consumed with anxiety and a sense of being slightly lost (or at least 10 corners behind everyone else)!  I recognise worth in most things, and these ‘worthy’ things need no backup with intellect or ‘speak’.  Some things just ARE.  What I am saying is that keeping things pared down to simplicity often leads to complexity in understanding of its own accord, but it does not have to.  The WORTH does not respond either way!  How great is that!!

So the weekend excitement came with the discovery of rare gems and commercial crops!