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  1. I have just revived my fleece, one is Shetland and silk, the other bluefaced leicester. I am thrilled with the colours. Thank you. I can’t wait to start spinning

  2. Isabelle Waine

    Dear Ms Bean. In 2012 I bought lavender cake yarn from you at wonderwool, which I have made into my favourite socks. I have been on your etsy site looking for similar sock yarn but am not experienced enough to know which yarn to buy to make into more socks. Also, I cannot contact you at etsy as I don’t do facebook. Would you tell me which ones are best for socks (not of the hiking variety)?

    You pictures are gorgeous, as are your dogs. Hope wonderwool 2013 was good for you.

    Kind regards

    Isabelle Waine

    • Thanks for your comment. The Texel will make good bouncy sturdy socks. The lleyn mix will make soft squishy soft socks. The Shetland and Shetland mixes will make good socks too. If you look at the label on your Lavender cake or the Wonderwool show book you will find my contact details. Please feel free to email me! I am at Woolfest, Glastonbury wool fest, Fibre East and Yarndale if you come to any of those shows?

  3. Thanks Jilly – will hunt out the label and then spend a few happy hours looking at the yarns before diving in!


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