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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Random Kindness

Its June.  How June arrived so suddenly is a puzzle.  But here we are.  Shearing here was last weekend, which, in terms of energy spent was how I imagine I would feel after a marathon.  Job done and fleece skirted and soaking.


Lace is expecting at the end of July.  We had no pups last year and this will most likely be her last litter.  we have never had a summer litter before – the last 2 being late winter/early spring babies.


I have been knitting away and enjoying making more than I think I ever have.  As I am not doing any of the shows this year the pressure to make samples and keep dyeing has freed me up to make with a clear conscience – a revelation!

One item I have really enjoyed has been the Britishknits (Ravelry) Hapalong.  I made a full Hansel – Gudrun Johnston and really enjoyed the process so much that I joined her MKal.  Almost there on that too, although I am a little slower than some.



The weather has been gorgeous.  Looks like summer and feels like spring – perfect!


This week has been full of suprises.  Two random acts of kindness have come my way.  Kate and Maxine thank you so much.  A real lift of spirits and affirmation of the generous nature of many people.  Neither knew of the background history to this week (which has not been easy), but both dropped loveliness into my week.