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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Bird Watch

making jan 19 023I took part in the RSPB bird watch weekend last weekend.  Because we are rural and maybe because I put out loads of feeders, which I keep topped up, we have a large number of woodland birds visiting on a regular basis.

I have long been an admirer of Matt Sewell’s bird illustrations.  In one of those moments where you just want to change rooms and do something a little bit more interesting than your average painted wall etc, I decided to paint tiles and the walls with fun stuff.

So I just launched into sketchy cameos of some clunky fun regulars who visit our garden.  I did check out if Matt Sewell did tiles, but I could not find any, so I did some based on his work for the kitchen and to surround our fireplace.

Never having attempted anything like this before I started with acrylics.  These just rub away from a glossy tile.  So I played with other ideas but did not want to spend money really as these are just for fun.  So as I had loads of plain white tiles, I decided to experiment!  I have discovered that acrylics work reasonably well if you paint and then cook them!  About 30mins on a low heat and the paint stays put much better.  I am not sure if they would stand up to washing, but a gentle wipe should be ok.  I will let you know ……………………

So the fun freeze is on its way to being completed.

The fireplacce needs a border of one tile depth around 3 sides.  The grren we chose is a little trickier to paint so I am still playing with ideas.  But hey – a fun Saturday!

Transformed Tracks

Snow Jan 19 006Change has a unique beauty.

Snow Jan 19 049

Its change, so not always comfortable, but there is beauty to be found – sometimes in the details, and sometimes in the bigger picture.  Maybe both?

Snow Jan 19 024Change almost forces us to look differently

We reassess our familiar landscape

Snow Jan 19 037We can not do anything other than work with what now is.  The outlook will change again in a few days.

Snow Jan 19 057Cut off from normality, isolated in quiet, surrounded with unexpected beauty.  Shifting lines, tracks.  A new perspective.

An adjustment in attitude, methods, routine, clothes, light, thought, time, perspective.

Snow Jan 19 033A different light.  An altered horizon.