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We’re off to see the wizard…

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… The wonderful wizard of Wonderwool.

Things are all packed, puppies are suitably misbehaving, yarn is EVERYWHERE, but I think we’re very nearly ready to go.

And, joy of all joys, the SUN IS SHINING! And long may it do so.

Do come and say hello if you’re heading up to Builth Wells this lovely weekend, we’d love to meet you.

If not, we shall be back blogging next week, and our shop will reopen soon after that.


MJ x

Five Minutes Peace.

Lull after the storm? These pups are robust healthy bouncing terrorists now. They devise ways to get out and explore everything. They are the cutest, most gorgeous babies ever (well in my book), but starting the day is a challenge. Looking on the bright side, I have two starts to my day now. The first start involves lots of noise and madness. The pups all yelling at the top pitch of their voices demanding everything NOW, and the other dogs wanting to rush out to the garden to get away from the chaos and noise. Just trying to put out 6 pups, two at a time without letting them back in takes skill and strategy which is not always present at 6 in the morning. Then they need mucking out (always a delightful task) and their food preparing and cooling. You would have thought that once in the garden the noise would disperse to a degree, but absolutely not!


After the clean bed and warm yummy breakfast they have a bit of mummy and finally peace is restored. The older dogs and I just flop on my newly clean kitchen floor and take a note of silence. Silence is indeed golden I have to tell you! Maybe it needs a bit of contrast (like a full on hurrican of activity and noise) to be appreciated to the extent that I am coming to appreciate it. The big dog (father of this litter) usually gives a huge sigh followed by a long low groan while stretching out (this activity covers half the kitchen floor) and he then shuts his eyes and sleeps. Mum is resigned and both delighted and appalled by her ever growing offspring. She just curls up (not an option with the babies) and waits for me to grab a coffee and then take them out for a walk in the valley.


Yesterday I took them down by the stream and let them mooch around in the water enjoying the smells and puppy free zone. The noise is different and not our problem so the birds filling the sky with celebration and sex seems quite nice really. A sort of symphony to spring and new life.




The banks are full of primroses and violets . The cowslips are bursting out too and I even saw Stitchwort in bloom yesterday. Wood anemones are in flowering and wont last long in this spring rush. Its almost as if the doors were shut for ages and then when they opened everything wanted to get out and be seen first! Catkins came and went, the new leaves pushing them out of the way. The Hawthorne is out and the May is rivalling for position in the hedges . There has been a silent explosion in the valley which astonishes me everyday with its intensity. The dogs are somewhat less impressed I have to say.



Meanwhile back at the ranch so to speak, the labelling is going at full pelt now for the show. My world is full of dogs and wool (cant think of anything better really). Skeining up my new creations and doing the final dry. Then the labelling (endlessly) and finishing off of samples. Remembering everything I need to take to the show without the wrench of leaving the puppies in capable hands takes some concentration.


Then here comes my big sigh……………………………. Five minutes peace………………………….. And then my second start to the day………………….

Growing Pains and Falling in Love


I have been remiss. It was my birthday last week and I had the most fabulous day. I worked the morning and then my youngest daughter and I had a great afternoon in Frome. We went in loads of shops we had not been in before and I bought a horse, and here he is!



I am over the moon with him. He was hanging in the middle of the shop calling to me and I fell in love in an instant. I now believe in love at first sight! It happened to me which is proof enough in my mind.


I also went a little bit crazy in that week and acquired a rocking chair which is ugly and gorgeous and now much loved. I am going to attempt to crochet a cover for said chair. This may be a non event for most people but believe me crochet is the most excruciating event for me. I am a knitter through and through and through. Crochet is painfully slow to grow and a skill which does not come easily to me. But I want a granny square blanket for a granny chair for a granny, so I consider this motivation enough to persevere.


Talking of growing pains…………………….




These characters are exhausting and delightful in equal quantities! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them (mostly!!) and they are growing every minute and growing in confidence and in the scale of experiments they attempt. Lush puppies!!



Meanwhile back at the ranch I am dyeing for Wales, WONDERWOOL!! Come and see me there next weekend, with all my new goodies.




Well I misguidedly broadcast the onset of Spring. This, it seems, was premature and misleading. It appears today that pushing out yesterday is that biting cold wind again and to add there is snow on the air! Outrageous!! April, much like Ariens, it seems, does everything well, or at least with total enthusiasm. Good ideas leap one after another treading on toes to get noticed and acknowledged. OK so it IS cold and it IS snowing and it is NOT sunny now.


So armed with all this change I would set to work and get all creative and continue working on all the piled up ideas so far. BUT I am streaming with cold. This is the sort that romps through boxes of tissues, rolls of loo paper and kitchen towel. In fact it positively consumes everything within reach with a dedication one has to admire. Colds not being done by halves here you know. O no! We have 100% commitment here. It is impossible to start a task without a panic grab for more absorbent material of somesort. I can not have a conversation, talk on the phone, text, write this, sort the washing, feed the dogs or in fact ANYTHING. The outcome is MISERY.


My optimism has been blown away, no doubt into some fabric aimed at catching the drip drip drip. I feel guilty about putting the TV on, cos I have loads to do. I cant get on with anything cos I am too distracted with carrying around all this stuff, and the sneezing frankly intimidates even me! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………………….


Tomorrow is another day………….Image


Well spring has sprung! Cold but definitely spring. The skylarks are singing their hearts out and the fields and woods are busy busy busy! Preparations for new arrivals and new season are going on in every nook and cranny. The valley even sounds busy! And I have the dreaded lergy! Feeling sorry for myself and everyone I come into contact with. I am consuming vast boxes of tissues at an alarming rate. I have run out of energy despite having so much to do. Films calling and the woodburner is stoked up and that’s all I want from my days and nights!


I have some great new patterns in the making and have pattern cut some of my latest ideas and sketches….very exciting!


SO much knitting on the go, but then SO many ideas keep flooding my head. I think the sap of ideas is rising too fast for the hours in a day plus we lost one at the weekend. Does anyone else have trouble adjusting?


I realise this is very cryptic but I can’t let on yet……….. BUT I can show you my wonderful, gorgeous puppies! BEST spirit-lifter EVER.


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