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Waiting Game

Playing the waiting game this week……………..

May1-7 17 001

So, I have been busy experimenting with weeds and general found stuff.  I am experimenting on pieces of calico which are left over from making patterns at college.  This means that most are odd shapes.  They take 2-3 weeks to get to this stage of being washed out and dried.

May1-7 17 014

May1-7 17 001

Eventually they get more marks made on them via stitch or paint or both.  These are a record of my week.  They have become my meditations of place.  So everything is a record of here and now (only by the time you get to see them they are been and gone!).

May1-7 17 010

May1-7 17 015

More finished spinning.  I think these are destined to be shawls?  Or mitts.  I am currently all hatted out right now, with a teeny exception, a birthday present cast on yesterday….. but I am not counting that!  Spinning is a great activity while playing the waiting game………….

May1-7 17 013

I also bought a train.  As you do.  Vital.

AND an umbrella.

May1-7 17 019

Waiting for what?  I will tell you next time, but it does involve a roly poly girl dog!

May1-7 17 008

Time Sensitive

I was born in Weymouth many years ago.  The Jurassic coast line holds a deep resonance for me.  I never fail to feel refreshed, inspired renewed from just being ‘home’.

May 17 027

May 17 049

This fueled some work based on grids and rust and water.  I work with the effects of time mostly thee days in my art and so the process is slow and meditative.  I hand stitch.

May 17 035

May 17 048

Hand stitching, hand spinning, hand dyeing, hand knitting, drawing, markmaking, walking.  All these activities have become part of my existence from week to week, part of a ritual I suppose.  Time.  Time spent, taking time, making time, documenting time, marking time, journeys in time, remains of time, impact of time.

May 17 059

May 17 061

Either way, this world

has picked me enough times for its madness vase

for me to know sanity is not

running from the window when the lightening comes.

Its turning thunder into grace,

knowing sometimes the break in your heart

is like the hole in the flute.

Sometimes it’s the place

where the music comes through.

Andrea Gibson.  The Madness Vase.

I am building up confidence through small insignificant tasks which give me time for a meditative approach to the everyday.  Exploring what its like to be me and do the things I enjoy again.  I enjoy much more, much more!

May 17 067

What a seductive habit rushing has become.  It is a default setting.  If I feel insecure, or inadequate I find myself speeding up, rushing to fit as much in 24 hours as possible!  Not only is this unproductive but it adds chaos into my head, making it feel more full than it actually is!

I am no master at this, but as a discipline I try everyday to set aside half an hour or so to just do something slowly, carefully, thoughtfully.  Today I ventured to Pinterest…………. (more than half an hour………….).




Yesterday there were blue skies!!


And spring is on it’s way….



 I was infatuated with the combination of colours, so had the urge to fit in the last day to dye before UNRAVEL next weekend.


I finished the yarn I spun


Blocked a sample


And watched the dogs enjoy the sun!



And I just made you read to this point before showing you the most important progress of all!!






Pups and Spins

First things first!  Just look at what arrived this morning after a very long night…..



9.  Yes NINE!!! 



SO proud and pleased



At the beginning of the week I spent a long long day (until midnight) dying some roving.  I am pleased with the results.





So please in fact that I want to spin it all!!  So allowed myself 2 lots of BFL.




When my new bobbins arrive I will ply them and show you the results.


This all makes the year so far not so bad.  To date the barn is broken as is the dog (not the mum), the microwave, the washing machine, the spin dryer, the tumble dryer and the car (impressively all by Feb 4th).  We are flooded YET AGAIN and the roof leaks.  But now we have 9 perfect puppies and all seems well!


Post WoolFest

Wow, wow, wow!! What a fab show that is. All those lovely creative people all in one place, and despite the torrential rain on Friday! Great customers full of inspiration and buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm. I owe a huge THANK YOU to all of them! PLUS the lovely wonderful tech editor Steph Boardman who literally saved the day. THANK YOU Steph you are amazing! Steph is so cheerful and hard-working besides being incredibly gifted in lots of textile ways. Steph helped me out and she has to be the reason I was still standing at the end! AND she helped with the pack up!! Friendship way over and above the call of anything. Oh, and one more thing……. PLUS she got me drop spindling! I have to wait till Fibre East to get the yarn off the spindle and learn to ply but look what I did!!!

DSCN0401 DSCN0402

Now here lies a tale…….. On Saturday morning before the show opened I managed to pop quickly round the top hall. And I found a stand which brought me to a stand still! BEAUTIFUL turned wood pieces. I had to touch. Love at first sight…….. TOTALLY smitten. What ever it was I HAD to have it. ‘It’ turns out to be useful too!! Never in my life would I have considered a spindle. I have a wheel (or 2) and spin happily on them when I get the chance. Spindles are too slow and way too fiddly…… BUT I had to have this beautiful item. It is made of 5000 year old Bogwood Oak apparently. You can literally feel its provenance and life. It has me addicted. I am literally binge spinning now. Almost like punctuation throughout the day, a load of washing, spin, walk the dogs, spin, answer emails, spin, sort an order, spin, make some calls, spin, wash up, spin, pay a bill, spin, spin, and so on. Ok so there is not that much on there but I have never done it before and it takes a little learning, especially since Steph is not here to help (why not???).


Anyway apart from this the dogs are recovering from an exhausting show…….

 DSCN0406 DSCN0408 DSCN0404

And I have almost dealt with the post-Glastonbury wash and our wet wet wet show stuff! So I am getting somewhere close to being able to face the barn where we literally threw everything in to deal with ‘later’ whenever that is!!

On ward and upward towards the next show which is later this month, FIBRE EAST!!

Can we have sun this time please?

Next week? Spin, dye, spin, dye, spin, dye…………… O and I have to knit some more samples and finish making a blanket and spin and dye and spin and dye……..and spin………..


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Just managed to put up some more roving on the Etsy store. It’s such a lovely thing to photograph! Gorgeous snails of colour and softness.