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Phew!! Almost there……………..

Almost there!  Pups have been leaving for their new lives with the remaining ones mourning their loss.  Fewer pups I thought would be less trouble, but they have more space and are bigger and bolder and…………!

Its exhausting having pups.  I don’t think there is a good time of year.  They are a huge amount of fun alongside destructive, messy and exhausting, and thats before the accidents happen!  They do not have any sense of self preservation and even when you imagine you have everything covered, they will find a way to fall over, bash into each other and generally create havoc.

Then they sleep.


A lifestyle choice definitely.  Accessories come cheaper and in less destructive forms.  A puppy is a challenge in just about every possible way.  They will test you to the limit everyday.

Then they sleep.

I can see that life may develope into something resembling normal.  Except that ‘normal’ will now include a small challenge (I say small, but legs are growing at an alarming rate…there must be giraffe in the mix…).

I finished something!!!!  Just have to say it once more.  I FINISHED something!!!

Tweed pups 8-9 weeks 17 026

So, slowly I am developing some ideas into reality and plans afoot include new dyeing plans, new designs AND an exhibition next year.  Well if they dont all get eaten by sharp small teeth that is!!

Tweed pups 8-9 weeks 17 025

Happy Tails

Nearly at 7 weeks!  So, CHALLENGING………….

Beautiful little characters and only 2 not reserved.  Possibly only 1 as lady viewing tomorrow.

Just play, play, play………….. and sleep, sleep, sleep










Thats it for now!


What a glorious day today!  Everything is growing and feeling good in the sunshine.  Time for a bit of a spring clean?


The pups certainly thought so!  I arrived in the kitchen today and found a decapitated mop which had been dragged in and liberally spread around.  The mop obviously could not behave and so is now well and truly dead.  No more trouble from that mop!  The 2 pups I am boarding are growing so fast!  Where 9 fitted 9 weeks ago, not even 1 will fit now!


Mum is resigned to having various bits chewed now!  Poor mum!  The boy (Sika) has grown his ears and feet at an alarming rate.


He tries new arrangements with his ears every day.  How does this work?  Good look?


Edna and Edith after a very long and loud debate decided that going broody in the red bucket is the only way to go this spring…


No one else thinks this is a spring look


We have a wild pheasant who heard that the dogs dont touch birds EVER, so she moved into our front border!!  There are 5 eggs under her!


All this activity is just exhausting!!