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First Impressions.

We all know that first impressions count for a lot. So what happens when first impressions have been and gone? Without the knowledge that this was a first impression opportunity!? I find myself in a position (yet again) where this has happened. In fact this seems to be the ground rule of my life. I make a first impression without the knowledge of doing so. Then I have to set about redeeming this impression which frequently seems to be persistent with longevity.

My father often asks ‘what are we going as today?’! Unfair! This phrase has often been asked at my places of work too… Repetition.


So I am promoted to the state of normality (??). Hesitation.

I get to wonder what to wear at a non interview interview type thing with some very important people. I think it may have started at my suggestion.


I may have mentioned a costume.


So. What to go as?

Slightly quirky?

 photo 2

Completely quirky?

 photo 1

To give a good impression?

 photo 3

In control?

 photo 2

Street theatre?

 photo 5

Ready for anything?

 photo 4


 photo 1

As someone else?

 photo 3

In disguise?

photo 4Myself twenty years ago?

photo 5

Myself now? Daughters say research the people first. Then a resounding ‘NO’.

Should I ask advice? What do you guys think? Advice MOST welcome.

What happens if the event is also attended by people with the qualities listed above? I think this opportunity is best dealt with creatively. After all the people concerned are probable on the scale of loopy somewhere. So lets make it fun, count, real, creative, quirky, business like, honest and open.

And I will wear the colour of the day when it gets there!

Thought processed and filed. Tick off list.