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Happy Tails

Nearly at 7 weeks!  So, CHALLENGING………….

Beautiful little characters and only 2 not reserved.  Possibly only 1 as lady viewing tomorrow.

Just play, play, play………….. and sleep, sleep, sleep










Thats it for now!


3 Week Characters

How quickly things change.  The weather in particular.  The pups as a good second.  Politics and current affairs.  I can not bring myself to talk about the awfulness recently in London and Manchester.  Grief and horror do not even come close.

Life continues albeit with more grey.  Things that are important we hold a little closer perhaps.  I am grateful for the things which make me smile.

At 3 whole weeks now we have little characters forming, opinions being voiced and bouncing being practiced.  So many legs and tails these days!

As you can tell, taking photos has become nearly impossible!  They are way too busy to pose!  So my solution is one at a time;

This little boy reminds me of his grandfather.  He is pretty and very serious!

This little girl is adorable.  Chestnut at the moment.  A sweet person, not a trouble maker – so far……

This stunning boy has the longest coat in the litter.  He is again, a sweet person, not a trouble maker, not too opinionated…….yet!  He is paler than his look-alike sister.

Another little boy.  Very pretty this one very gentle and sweet person.

Well, what can I say?  She is strikingly pretty, and has to be!  We have nick named her Tabitha as she looks like a tortoishell cat and sounds like one at times too.  This little girl is first up, last back and has opinions about absolutely everything, whether asked or not!  She is a character!

Merlin.  He is spoken for.  He is playful but not pushy, he is very drawn to people and loves cuddles!  I think he will be spoilt!  He is lighter than he was but has a gorgeous coat and dark markings.

The first pic shows the correct colour.  This girl will be blonde.    Mrs playful and curious.

The blondest in the litter.  This chap will have a long coat and he is so so pretty!  Mr laid back.

This girl is reserved.  No name yet.

Phew!  Does that make 9 or 28?

Other things, here is the Euphorbia dyed fabric which is amazing!

Pups 3 weeks June 17 006

Here are other plays;

And to prove that officially hats are no longer my only nervous habit!

Puppy Worship

Just how much these guys change every day is astounding.

Mum asleep at the bottom!

I know – enough already!!  I am going………….


What a glorious day today!  Everything is growing and feeling good in the sunshine.  Time for a bit of a spring clean?


The pups certainly thought so!  I arrived in the kitchen today and found a decapitated mop which had been dragged in and liberally spread around.  The mop obviously could not behave and so is now well and truly dead.  No more trouble from that mop!  The 2 pups I am boarding are growing so fast!  Where 9 fitted 9 weeks ago, not even 1 will fit now!


Mum is resigned to having various bits chewed now!  Poor mum!  The boy (Sika) has grown his ears and feet at an alarming rate.


He tries new arrangements with his ears every day.  How does this work?  Good look?


Edna and Edith after a very long and loud debate decided that going broody in the red bucket is the only way to go this spring…


No one else thinks this is a spring look


We have a wild pheasant who heard that the dogs dont touch birds EVER, so she moved into our front border!!  There are 5 eggs under her!


All this activity is just exhausting!!








All Things Bright and Beautiful

They are on the move…….


They are on a mission…………


They are very very busy…… ALL of the time!!!


They are huge and growing daily


They are eating EVERYTHING


They are still TOTALLY gorgeous




On Photographing Bubbles and Puppies

Photographing puppies is as difficult as photographing bubbles I have decided, they change and move at an alarming rate!


WHY??  Why not??


Maybe it is best to concentrate on just one at a time?? 

However, collectively they are more impressive and bubbly!  Can the same be said for puppies??



Heads or tails?


Heads or tails?

Or one at a time?



SO hard when they are have so strong now they are 5 days old and zooming!!!