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This has been a week of goings.  It has left me feeling a bit hollow inside.  We now have only 5 pups left and 3 of these go at the weekend.  I am glad as they all have lovely homes but sad as they have been such a big part of my life for this year. 


My son came home for a few short days.  It was fabulous to have him here and see him enjoy the pups in real life rather than just the photos.  But now he is gone too.  That always leaves me empty.

Dobby my best mate and house elf has been going to the vet this week, filling gaps in any time there may have been.  Stitches in his leg as an emergency on Sunday.  Back again on Tuesday to staple the wound because he decided to pull the stitches out!  Last night he pulled another out despite numerous layers of prevention measures.

I have now found that size 1 yr socks are fab.  If you snip the toe across, the heel can act as a joint cover without tightness and the wound is covered.  Sticky tape on the edges stops him pulling it off and the wound is covered but can still breathe.  Put a t-shirt (size medium woman) on on top (he has one pink and one stripey one), oh, and it has to have 3/4 length sleeves, and there he is covered…… we hope!!


Such an expensive dog!  So now he is sad and feeling blue next to me on the bed.