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DSCN2802I have been at a loss to know how to blog.  But today I think I just say how it is and that everything is not all bad.

We had some very precious days during this summer.  Fun filled and full of life.


We have learned some very important things about living.  We have learned to treasure every moment (well most of them).  We feel that up till now we have lived lives with eyes half open.  Our eyes have been opened to see the importance of important things.

We understand now how in the desert there are oasis and that the sources are often unexpected.  We have laughed and cried and raged and prayed.  We have now accepted a new kind of normal for us.  This normal now is set to change to another level as we leave next weekend for new treatment in London.  The cancer is extremely rare, very aggressive and rarely, if ever seen in children.  None of the team of doctors has treated this cancer in a child before.  We are booked in for experimental treatment.  The road ahead is a rocky one, but we have also learned that we only have enough courage to face one day at a time.

I have found Perkins who is waiting for a new home!


I have given this handknit a new home


I have just started to spin enough for a jumper (maybe).  This is Whitefaced Woodland and I am spinning it longdraw which is also a new challenge for me.  Spinning was something I have only just started to do again.  I found it gave me too much time for reflection and so could not face it all summer.  Now I find it soothing and peaceful.


I have had some great shows, particularly Wonderwool and Yarndale this year.  I have some to look forward to next year too.

In short life goes on.  Studded with joys and treasures among the grey days and dark nights.  We are still together and we have fun and laughter when we can take it.  We have just learned how to dig a little deeper.

DSCN2863We made a happy jumper!!

On Potting Puppies

Yesterday was gorgeous.  The puppies are depleted in number and there are now 6 still here, but it looks like they are all spoken for now.  This makes me sad as I have come to know these little personalities and they are all gorgeous little people.  But also, I am happy as they are all due to go to lovely homes where they will all be loved, which is what I want most for them.  Collectively they are very different to how they will be individually, and their characters and confidence here grow every day.  They are learning all the time and all experimenting together.  They play with their big sister who is their best friend!  I think she will miss them.


She lets them win


She finds the same things interesting


Some puppies have been busy potting other puppies


It takes a lot of sorting out to get this potting business just right


I am sure I fitted in this yesterday?




Endless funny incidents and then that gorgeous deep floppy sleep!