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Woolly Thinking

Today I am just going to air my voice for the record regarding dogs, dog beds and the combination thereof.  This delightful (or not so much) combination leading me to much woolly thinking…..

Once again greeted by a kitchen full of ‘snow’ and delighted young dog (and ashamed parents, well mum anyway), I have decided that my relationship with dog beds is finally all grown out of.  I have 2 bed shredders.  They have bones and toys and access to the outside.  They are walked for a couple of hours a day whatever the weather.  They have, in short a great life at the expense of my dogs life!

I have to admit that early this year I reached a similar conclusion and made 2 huge dog beds stuffed with great British wool.  I used the end of a bolt of the fabric apparently used in lining the bags at the reputable Mulberry company, to make a waterproof and tough outer lining.  I then made a cover for the bed in good quality fleece.  I made 2 of these beds Deerhound size and to date these beds remain intact.

The weather being delightfully soggy means that every outing results in a tribe of dripping muddy large smelly canines.  Said beasts lie on the beds and then try to dig out the wetness from the gloriously large wet patches which no one wants to lie on.

I bought an extremely expensive and large dog bed.  This wonderful item arrived with all sorts of promises (which I confess I neglected to read out to the dogs – mistake).  They did not realize that the bed was indestructable and water resistant etc etc.  Frankly, neither did the bed.  The foam base to the bed has survived well.  The surrounded padded sides, well… , not so much!

So, I set to again.  I dragged out an old tent (also not aware that waterproof qualities are much desired in such an item).  This I cut up with a great deal of help and supervision from above mentioned experts.  I sewed this into a double bed size and stuffed with semi-felted wool from the mill.  This is the waste from the spins and similar to the type used in insulation.  I closed the gap.

I went shopping and got the end of a bolt of checked fleece of robust quality.  This I battled through my sewing machine.  Smaller dogs????? They dont shrink in the rain!   But now we have a NEW DRY LARGE bed with not a shred of stuffing to be seen!!