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Birds and flower parcels 010A bit of a week has just passed.  Lots of bits of weeks pass at alarmingly frequent intervals these days.  During their passing I am learning to discipline myself to just slow down.  Slowing down for me starts with breathing.  No fancy technique involved I’m afraid, I do not have much  head space for that. Taking time to breath and be in the moment, is what I mean.  When my go-to reaction of swirling panic ideas and thoughts around is disciplined, I try to slow down a bit, it is suprising what falls through the colander back into the earth so-to-speak.

Maybe I am learning how to work with myself, with what I have, what I am?  Or maybe I am just too exhausted from the effort to keep up with myself and perceived notions of credibility.  Who knows?  Whatever it is it happens and it helps.  To the extent that I enjoy much more, much more!  Productivity is up, productive thoughts are up, physical evidence of these things is also up!  That’s 3 ‘ups’ in the same sentence, which has got to be a positive.

Birds and flower parcels 047

What a beautiful April we have had so far.  Warm (mostly), glorious skies, birdsong, growth.  Spring has moved fast this year and already the woods are carpeted with blue.  Ash and Oak competing to be the first, but, its so close here I have no idea whether we are in for a soak or splash this summer?

Birds and flower parcels 016

To be sure everything feels very much alive and this is infectious, a powerful incentive.


Birds and flower parcels 021

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