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Tangible Results

Well here I am again!  this is a tangible result from a resolve I made to myself – to keep blogging.

Today I decided just out of interest to look at what I knitted last year and the very beginning of this year.  I have the results of most of this here.

I have recently taken to feeling that I do not really achieve much, especially when I see results of prolific production on Ravelry.  However, I did achieve a respectable amount of tangible results!  I also made a couple of dresses too and some shawls which I have not shown.

Much of this knitting was done in hospitals and much in the evenings.  There is definitely a theme here of repetition.  The reason for this is that I become curious as to how changing colour affects the result.  I suppose there is also an element of calm in repeating a pattern until I know it off by heart and can repeat it without it engaging my brain too much.  For example I adore some of Kate Davis designs to state the obvious!  I also like Isabell Kraemer and Brooklyn Tweed.




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  1. Goodness glory that is a lot of knitting. Sometimes I have pondered that in this hyper connected age, if we haven’t shared something digitally, does it really exist? Clearly the answer is yes, whilst we may stop sharing we never stop knitting. In some ways I am saddened by your productivity as it evidences hours of hospital waiting, but I am also fascinated by the repetition both as a device for solace and as an exploration of variation. They are a beautiful and poignant collection.

    • Thank you Rebecca. I have also almost found myself watching myself carefully devising solace and variation without emotional demands. It is interesting that I found sharing it all much more difficult for some reason. Maybe with a sense of shame almost. maybe shame is the wrong word but certainly a confession. As a collection of hours fending off anxiety rather than facing the unknown, it seems almost an apology? Thank you for your comment, it is much appreciated.

  2. I totally agree with Rebecca and am just stunned by your productivity!! Love the orange sweater, all the hats and the asymmetrical stripes and the rabbit pockets!!! I am so impressed and yes the change in colour is mind bending 🙂 How would be know unless we DO it?

    • Thank you Susan! I confess to not having reached the end of these explorations! I find it fascinating that colour choices are such a reflection of not only mood but of hope or withdrawal or being overwhelmed etc. Colour certainly does express inner workings. thank you for your comment, much appreciated.


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