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Seeing as opposed to looking.  Seeing as understanding.  Inspirational seeing.  Seeing as a combination of thought and looking.


Spring pierced through today!


It opened windows in every sense.  Like a quick flit of housework, the sun opened inside as well as outside.


Everywhere colour is changing and freshening up.  The bravest celendines open their faces to the sun in warm welcome.


Primroses huddle together in dense clusters and dare to gleam their milky yellow through last autumns leaves.


Lichens glorious chalky greens against the rich moss or russet carpet enhance crisp clarity from a background of rich fertile soil.


Bouyant spirits and hope rising along with sap.


And then there are 8 new lives!  4 boys and 4 girls.  3 weeks old bouncing babies!  These are my home grown bitches first litter to a dog who lives in Wales.






About jillybeanyarns

Artist, maker, creative mess-maker. Expert in complications and chaos. #livingwithcancer

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  1. Seeing as understanding……nice. Spring, new moments and new pups! wow, you are brave taking on puppies :0 I have been thinking of you and yours. hugs.

  2. Hi Susan, thank you for your care and comment! Not brave just in much need of much smiling!!! they are hard work but so adorable!! Worth the trouble I think! Mum is 3 and its a good time to have a first litter and she has not disappointed! Beautiful small people!! Thank you x


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