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Plum Jam and Puppies!

Its puppy time and jam time!  What a busy weekend we had!


We picked some of our plums (the ones we could reach).  We stoned them and soaked them and then cracked all the stones to rescue the kernals.  These we then peeled and skinned and added to the jam (this adds a lovely hint of almond flavour to the jam).



We cooked the jam expertly and WOW!!  We had the BEST jam on our hands almost ever!!  A stunning colour!


Labels were made and stuck on jars and here we have the professional delicious produce!  All home grown except the sugar.


Also home grown are these delightful new arrivals (between July 26th and 27th).



4 boys and 4 girls.

Delightful!  Clever Lace!! (And Dobby sort of……)


Then we managed a ride too!!



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Artist, maker, creative mess-maker. Expert in complications and chaos. #livingwithcancer

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  1. HOW exciting!! I too am ‘jamming’, plums with raspberries ;0 And PUPPIES…whoo hoo! I just got an Irish Wolfhound puppy and she grows and EATS and EATS and GROWS 🙂 Which is what she is supposed to do! You have not said but I assume your grand daughter is doing well…..she’s still in my prayers.

    • Many thanks Susan. How lovely your puppy sounds and what fun!! My grandaughter is indeed doing well thank you, but we are far from out of the woods unfortunately. Thank you for your prayers and support.

  2. whoo Hoo………I am ‘with’ you!!

  3. Looks like a busy, fun filled weekend !
    Jam looks yummy
    Pups gorgeous
    Donkey well behaved
    Little girl happy
    What more could you ask for from a weekend ?!!

  4. Plums and puppies! What a season! Harvest and renewal all at once.


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