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Sorry folks!!  Not been able to compose a blog for a couple of weeks now!  Just finished listing stuff on ebay who have charged me a HUGE amount for the privilege of making them money and clearing me some space!  But what can you do???

I have been up to lots!  Besides the usual walks with the creatures great and small, I have been organizing fleeces, cleaning them and of course dying etc.  It has been unseasonally hard to dry anything recently.  I think we are back in the cold wet season as the fields once again are just full of water!  The yarn wont dry and today I have given in to shivering and the fire is now lit waiting for me to arrive back from another wet dog walk and steam dry in front of it!

I have not been very creative because I have been exceedingly disciplined!  I have been making myself try to finish things which have lost their glow for me.  You know when the doubts creep in because you are not sure that this particular thing was a good idea?  I have several GREAT ideas started but am not allowing myself to work them until I have done some of the less inspiring ‘things’.  As a result my house is clean!!  (Well it was until the dogs came in all muddy!!).

BUT I have been successful in charity shops and the like!  i will show you some of my recent bits:


Fabric………..more trousers?


Woven recycled saris which is a bag – just the right size for knitting projects!?






A GORGEOUS coat with matching bloomers(??) from old curtains……..LUSH!



Two LOVELY candlesticks!  Really pleased with these…..


I did ‘allow’ myself to finish spinning this BFL/mohair (after all it is finishing??)


Finally this HUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE Sample for the stall is finished!!


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Artist, maker, creative mess-maker. Expert in complications and chaos. #livingwithcancer

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  1. NICE finds 🙂 great colours in the BFL and that sample is fabulous!!! Stay dry 🙂
    Still freezing here in the mornings…….5 and 7 C, supposed to get warmer tomorrow, hahaha


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