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Clocks and Cows and Tweenies

What a gorgeous day today!  Started really well with sun, crisp air and clear light.  Meg and I did a rare thing, we started the day together with the dogs.  We walked around the valley.  What a grand start to the weekend.  Everyday the valley changes.  Last week the intense gaudy yellow of the dandelions fought to dominate the green and certainly intimidated the crowds of gentle yellow cowslips.  Today the clouds of clocks lent a magical mystical dream like feel to the slopes of the valley.



Cowslips grow here every year in abundance.  They are so beautiful.


The wild garlic is out.  Starkly white against intense greens.  Little perfect pure stars lighting up the woodland floor.  A fairy kingdom.


Bluebells in swathes move across the glades scenting the air with their rich heady perfume.  This intense blue vies for attention with the sky through the trees in flower.



And then we had errands to run which we did.  After this we did some shopping (a year since we last did this together!).  We found a few lovely things and then struck gold!  Well blue actually!!


THE PERFECT fabric, curtains in a charity shop.  This fabric has been in my head for some time but had not taken form until I recognized that this was it!!  I have in mind a certain alternative pair of trousers. 

Meg draped said fabric in a variety of ways to lend inspiration. 





Personally I just know that my trousers are calling to be made!!

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Artist, maker, creative mess-maker. Expert in complications and chaos. #livingwithcancer

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  1. What a hoot!! the fabric for trews I mean. They will give you energy when you wear them! Thanks for the pics of flowers, gives me hope:)


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