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Wonderwool was fantastic!  So much space and such a friendly lovely bunch of people!  I was too busy to take pics which is a shame. 

One of the highlights was lovely returning customers showing me the stunning things they had made with my yarns from last year!!  I am constantly in awe of how talented people are quietly crafting away somewhere producing these exquisite items.  I really wish I had been able to take pics of them.

There was a very happy atmosphere at the show and so much space for people to wander around in a relaxed or dazed frame of mind.  There are a few traders I visit every year before we open to get my Wonderwool fix from!  They did not disappoint!  I would list the list of thank yous to everyone but I just as well list the Wonderwool exhibitor list really!!  But the usual friends all get a huge grateful hug for helping me out when I was busy, letting me have loo breaks and plying me with coffee quietly when I was run off my feet!  You all know who you are and I love you all THANK YOU!

The B&B was fabulous!  The view from my bedroom window just perfect!  Thank you Tricia you were the perfect hostess, I am so glad I found you!



Meg helped on Saturday which was great and she took pics and promises a post soon!

She took these on my camera, but only these!



I am shattered and not sorted out yet, but I really enjoyed the show and look forward to Cumbria next!!

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  1. What a wonderful picture of your wooly colours!! I do hope you sold them ALL!! view from your room totally spectacular.


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