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Run for Shelter

Somebody keeps pouring puppies right under my feet EVERYWHERE I go!!  They are on the loose!  They can escape out of anywhere!  Some of them dig and some climb but they all see an open gate and literally pour through the opening in lightening quick time!  For creatures so small they have an impressive turn of speed already!


They have found a boat!  This morning they had 2 in the boat and 4 dragging it round!!  They invent incredible games with so much vigor and enthusiasm.



This afternoon I thought if I let them all pour out of their pen into the garden to have the run of the place they would get tired and we would get some peace and quiet! 


Not such a great idea.

The only worn out ones are the people of the house and the big dogs.  ALL of us were terrorized into fleeing and climbing for peace.  4 dogs elevated to sofas begging to be let out of the garden into the furthest recesses of the house (not far) and 2 adults sitting cross legged on the kitchen table earnestly planning the next tactical move.  Planning to get from one side of the kitchen to the other now requires the training of the secret service and military precision with diversions in place.  It takes 2 – 3 adults to make a coffee now and as for loading the washing machine, well…..

Answers on a postcard if there are any bright ideas (if we ever get to picking the mail up first that is)!

Well its not raining at least!!


Butter wouldn’t melt !!!




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Artist, maker, creative mess-maker. Expert in complications and chaos. #livingwithcancer

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  1. Very interested, Have a wonderful day friend 🙂


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