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Puppy Power

Once upon a time, five weeks ago to be exact, 9 puppies were born in Somerset.  The wind was howling and the rain was lashing, but these brave puppies decided to broaden their horizons and view a bigger world.  They were all perfect and beautiful.  There were 6 girls and 3 boys.


As time went on these puppies began to learn all sorts of things.  They opened their eyes and began to see the world and each other.  They learnt how to stand and then how to dance and bounce (well nearly).  They learnt that a certain sound produced a paddling pool which was fun.  And then they learnt that the paddling pool actually had great stuff in it for eating!  They learnt to fight and play and be terribly brave about scary things like long grass and feathers and imaginary hiding things!


They were visited by all sorts of people (mainly the sort with high voices) and they learnt that squeaking voices meant that you were in for a cuddle if you werent careful.  Cuddles interrupt a perfectly busy day and although they are not too bad, it really proves inconvenient as its so hard to remember what you were so busy doing before being lifted to the sky and cooed over.


Four of the 9 puppies were picked and booked.  Now there are 3 little boys (possibly only 2) (lalalalalalalala ….. did I just say that out loud??????).  3boys and 2 girls.  Now if you need organising then 2 of the boys are your man.  They show me every morning how to muck them out, where the food should go and how quickly it should go there.  And they always rearrange the bed as I am incapable of finding exactly the right spot on my own, ever! 


One of the boys is absolutely STUNNING.  He will make a good sized dog and is strong and intelligent and very very handsome.  The other boy is very very busy.  He has to do everything at a run and consequently has to catch up on sleep every now and then in order to keep the world running when he is up and about.  He is friendly and playful and very pretty.  The other boy (what other boy???) has picked me out and I am trying not to notice.  Somehow he always ends up with me.  From past experience boy dogs are loyal, extremely trainable, anxious to please, full of character and if you want a friend pick a dog every time!


The girls.  Well these are both fine featured and will be absolutely gorgeous dogs, just like bitches should be.  They have fine bones and broken coats.  They are less bouncy and bossy than the other girls but form attachment easily.  These 2 will make very biddable dogs and will be easy to train, they are anxious to please. 


Training these dogs is rewarding as they are very biddable.  They love a good bounce and a good game but equally love to sleep for hours on end stretched out on their backs (the world is a much better place upside down!).





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