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Post Unravel bug post.

O my!  What a bug!  Full frontal attack.  Still hopelessly weak and disorientated.  I thought it was just a really nasty cold and tried to work through it as you do!  BUT I was beaten and laid flat.  Central nervous system attacked and I am only just out of crawling position.  Hence the lack of puppy up dates!

First things first though!  LOOK at this:


Ascalon by Christelle Nihoul (Ravelry) in a semi solid and handpainted from my new spins.  LOVE it!!

Also had MORE new spin back which is ANOTHER stunning yarn!

PLUS this is also finished:


Marion by Andi Satterlund.  In one of the new aran weight spins, and it only took 3 skeins!!  And I have some left over! Size 36″.  Great to knit, really quick and easy without being boring, even in this semi-solid ink colour! (Also on Ravelry).

Now off to take pics of puppies to finish this post and let you see what you all want to see!!




This boy has stolen my heart TOTALLY UTTERLY and shamelessly.  HOW did I not see him coming???




These girls have been selected and reserved.  Lurcher people always come back for more when they loose their friends,  Once you have had a lurcher, you always have a lurcher shaped space in your life which only a lurcher can fill!  There is something about the breed which is totally addictive.  Lurchers tend to be one of 2 things flat out or flat out!!


This lot are lively and opinionated now and becoming full time work!  Good job they make me laugh so much!!


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