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Post Show Dribbles

I spent the weekend at Unravel.  I love this show!  It is the first show of the year for me and a great way to start the show season.  As always I meet the most delightful and talented people!  Everyone is enthusiastic and excited to be crafty and inspired.  I find it so inspiring to meet 100% positive people who just want to make beautiful things with beautiful things!

i met up with old friends and new.  As stall holders we become a sort of eclectic community during the showing season!  Almost like family get togethers without the awkward moments (or they pass me by!).  I was on my own this year and so i did not get round the show to talk to my comrades much.  We bump into each other while struggling to carry countless bits and pieces in and then out at the beginning and end of the show.  At Unravel I was in a different room from last year and so got to meet different neighbours.  I was in the Long Kiln room next to Jane, a gorgeous and talented weaver with beautiful throws on display.  I am SO tempted!!  I was opposite Belinda with her lovely cream and natural coloured chunky knits.  Belinda is always full of life and fun.  Next to her was Judy who is the most awesome lady!!  She does everything and also walks round the world undertaking massive challenges!  Her Shetland knitting in her own wool is second to none and she has endless energy and boundless enthusiasm ALL of the time!

I did not even get to take any pictures which is shameful.  Saturday was heaving and there was no chance to move or anything.  Lots of friends came to say HI and to everyone who visited I say a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU!!  especially to the lovely Steph who is looking incredible!  Steph and Fred brought me lunch and a cup of tea and helped me out so much.  You two are such lovely people and I really appreciate your support!

To all you lovely traders and customers it is an honor to be a part of the creative energy that makes up these events.

I was sent these pics of my quieter Sunday.  I was unaware of anything by then I think!!

WP_20140223_004(1) WP_20140223_002

Other than that I want to mention one of my lovely customers who bought me some mitts she had hand spun and knitted for me.  I am touched to the core.  Thank you Lynda you are absolutely lovely!!

Steve, Lara, John, Juliet, Judy, Jane, Sarah, Katie, Amanda, Phil, Susan, Chrissy, Roger, Maggie, Fiona, Sarah and of course Lynsey and Amy and anyone else I forgot, thank you all so much.  You are all beautiful people.

And now I am full of cold!  Hit me like a ton of dribble yesterday about 11 o’clock.  I have been dribbling ever since!  NOT NICE!


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