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Pups and Spins

First things first!  Just look at what arrived this morning after a very long night…..



9.  Yes NINE!!! 



SO proud and pleased



At the beginning of the week I spent a long long day (until midnight) dying some roving.  I am pleased with the results.





So please in fact that I want to spin it all!!  So allowed myself 2 lots of BFL.




When my new bobbins arrive I will ply them and show you the results.


This all makes the year so far not so bad.  To date the barn is broken as is the dog (not the mum), the microwave, the washing machine, the spin dryer, the tumble dryer and the car (impressively all by Feb 4th).  We are flooded YET AGAIN and the roof leaks.  But now we have 9 perfect puppies and all seems well!



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Artist, maker, creative mess-maker. Expert in complications and chaos. #livingwithcancer

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