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Advent Sunday

Well, here we are in December and I am sure last time I looked it was September!  Christmas like the inevitable brick wall is just around the corner.  Everyone seems busy getting organized and feeling virtuous.  But I am unvirtuous and disorganized! 

HOWEVER………….  We have made the effort………….at someone’s expense………….


This is BERT.  Bert is our ‘ground control’.  Bert is a very opinionated donkey.  Bert yells his constant complainings daily to whoever may be within earshot (which probably includes most of you guys!).  Bert is gorgeous and at times very cuddly (but not often).  He, more than anyone else knows you just can not get the staff these days.  AND simply no one understands.

Bert’s services are called upon twice a year.  Easter and Christmas.  Palm Sunday has him performing in the villages nearby and today he took part in a village nativity as, yep, the donkey!  obviously THE most important part.  His equity card is full and so is his head!

Bert has to mind competition horses as a companion when he is not being dreadfully important doing something else.  He feels neglected and misunderstood.  Poor Bert!

However today Bert is the star of the day and feels that for one day at least he has had the recognition he deserves at last.  No one has told him that tomorrow is Monday.  We lacked courage after he discovered that the holly was plastic. 


Hang my head in shame…….




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Artist, maker, creative mess-maker. Expert in complications and chaos. #livingwithcancer

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