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Well I misguidedly broadcast the onset of Spring. This, it seems, was premature and misleading. It appears today that pushing out yesterday is that biting cold wind again and to add there is snow on the air! Outrageous!! April, much like Ariens, it seems, does everything well, or at least with total enthusiasm. Good ideas leap one after another treading on toes to get noticed and acknowledged. OK so it IS cold and it IS snowing and it is NOT sunny now.


So armed with all this change I would set to work and get all creative and continue working on all the piled up ideas so far. BUT I am streaming with cold. This is the sort that romps through boxes of tissues, rolls of loo paper and kitchen towel. In fact it positively consumes everything within reach with a dedication one has to admire. Colds not being done by halves here you know. O no! We have 100% commitment here. It is impossible to start a task without a panic grab for more absorbent material of somesort. I can not have a conversation, talk on the phone, text, write this, sort the washing, feed the dogs or in fact ANYTHING. The outcome is MISERY.


My optimism has been blown away, no doubt into some fabric aimed at catching the drip drip drip. I feel guilty about putting the TV on, cos I have loads to do. I cant get on with anything cos I am too distracted with carrying around all this stuff, and the sneezing frankly intimidates even me! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………………….


Tomorrow is another day………….Image

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Artist, maker, creative mess-maker. Expert in complications and chaos. #livingwithcancer

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