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Blue Sprinkler

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I thought I would impart this story so you can know what goes on behind the scenes at Jillybean’s kitchen. I have had a week of disasters, in that everything I go to do either breaks or runs out or becomes heavily complicated etc etc…. I spent 2 days dying this week and the first day went well, no serious problems. Fired up with enthusiasm I attempt a second day hot on the back of the first. The first batch went ok really and i was obviously feeling smug and complacent when disaster struck. The boiler sort of exploded forming a high reaching sort of volcano cross sprinkler system of hot blue dye in my kitchen. Not expecting this and being in the firing line (well, indeed, who was not??) I started throwing various items of clothing and dog beds etc at the increasing flood now waterfalling down the walls, cascading off the table and sprinkling in all directions. The dogs left the room while I fought the flow. Panic, in my experience does not fully lend itself to logical thinking and evasive action. It takes a daughter to point out that it may be wise to unplug said boiler as it had fused all the electrics in any case and to try to empty the boiler rather than catch the flow. Today, 2 days later I am still finding blue where blue has no right to be and certainly not in the original fixings. However, the blue of the yarn is really quite fetching… and then there is the sewing up, but really that is another story!!


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