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Welcome, one and all!

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Welcome to the long-overdue blog of Jillybean Yarns.

We hope this will be a place of inspiration  and motivation for everyone that visits, as well as a handy way to keep up to date with everything that’s going on at Jillybean HQ. It can be a hectic place at times, but we’ll aim to update the blog regularly.

The blog will have two authors, me, Meg, and Jillybean herself, and I’m sure we will have very different styles of writing and topics to cover. I can’t say for sure what the future of this blog holds, but I’m sure it will be interesting/amusing nonetheless!!

For my part, I’m a young knitter, with only a few years of experience, but I’ve well and truly been swallowed into the knitting world and I’m hungry to learn as much as I can and build my skills.

Since my mum started her business, I have been privy to the wide world of sheep and their breeders, and have developed an enthusiasm all of my own for these wonderful woolly creatures. Most importantly on my voyage of discovery, I have discovered an insatiable desire for British wool. I love nothing more than holding a skein of Jillybean wool and knowing exactly which flock the wool came from.


On the risk of launching into an enthusiastic torrent of praise for British flocks and their owners, I must stop now!

Welcome to the blog! Be sure to check back soon.

Over and out,

MJ x


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